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Digital Training - ELM 101WBT

Electrics 1 - Circuits, Conductivity, Ohm's Law


The "Electrics 1 - Circuits, Conductivity, Ohm's Law" training program is one of a series of new programs in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. These programs are practically oriented and authentically structured. Case studies from practice provide a concise illustration of the matters covered. All training content is taught by means of audio clips. Additionally, the narrative text can be viewed on the sitemap.

Trainees experience a regular exchange of input and output, with phases of presentation and explanation alternating with phases of activity and interaction. This enhances motivation and learning.

Progress monitoring exercises are scheduled after a maximum of five pages of learning. The aim of this is to have trainees repeat, apply and develop what they have learned themselves. Exercises are incorporated during teaching, at the end of each learning step and within the case studies. During an exercise, the program responds to each of the trainee's answers with the appropriate feedback.

Various tools are built-in to the training program, such as Excel worksheets, an integrated calculator, PDF files and various downloads. The training programs include an extensive glossary and a full text search facility.

Content extracts:

Content extracts:

  • Electrics 1
  • Technical knowledge
  • Learning Unit 01: Closed electric circuit
  • Learning Unit 02: Electrical conductivity
  • Learning Unit 03: Units and symbols
  • Learning Unit 04: Ohm´s law
  • Learning Unit 05: Measuring in an electric circuit

Difficulty: Beginner
Language: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian



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