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Festo Factory 4.0 Executive Tour

  • A journey into Future Manufacturing Industry 4.0
  • Visit at the new Technology Plant Festo of Scharnhausen in Germany

Live the experience of the Lean Factory 4.0
High productivity and performance at the heart of Europe

How should a plant be designed
in order to maximize its use for customers and employees?
What does a plant have to do
in order to Set standards in terms of productivity and efficiency?
Where should this plant be located
to ensure it is optimally equipped for decades to come?

Future Plant - Industry 4.0

A few kilometers from the Festo headquarters in Germany an ultra-modern production facility was just completed: Scharnhausen Technology Plant.
It is the primary site for the production of Festo valves and electronics.
The project stems from the desire of the group to invest in Europe with high tech and automation solutions, and integrates some of the solutions identified by the German consortium Industry 4.0 that Festo is part of.
This site experiments not only future manufacturing technologies but also new organisational models and processes in the sectors of Product design, Industrialization, Production and Logistics, Data integration, Energy Efficiency and Lean Processes.

Discover the best solutions applied in the new production site of Festo AG:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Production
  • Work organisation
  • Innovation, industrialization and automation
  • Internet of things
  • Energy saving

Creating the ideal working conditions

This "factory of the future" has been designed to enable greater collaboration between product development, purchasing, industrialization and production departments.
In the plant, offices and development workshops are placed close to industrialization and production areas.
And R&D workstations are located within the departments.
The know how of production experts is already integrated upstream of the development of new products.
This not only reduces costs, but it also increases product quality and reduces time to market.


The technological plant of Scharnhausen is designed so as to be ready for future developments, new needs or expansion, at any time.

Optimization of production processes

Time to market is guaranteed by optimized procedures along several value streams and realigned fundamental processes.
The entire material flow, from reception to machining, from assembly to delivery, is designed with a Lean perspective.

Environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient

The Technology Plant is also designed as a very energy-efficient factory.
Cogeneration plants generate electricity and heating for the facility.
The heat generated by the equipment in the processing area is used for heating.
There are innovative solutions for the use of rainwater, for the recycling of process water and also for lighting.

Watch the video Scharnhausen Technology Plant
on the YouTube channel of Festo Consulting Academy Italy

The visit

Duration: 1 day
For information on dates, please visit www.festoacademy.it


  • Capturing ideas and suggestions to renew factory processes with smart manufacturing solutions
  • Comparing experiences about the fields of application and advantages of Industry 4.0 applications
  • Exploring the impact of innovations in the organisational context and the systematic management of know how


  • The vision: high productivity in Europe through innovation
  • Characteristics of the Plant
  • The path to Change management
  • Production solutions
  • Cross functional integration: design, engineering, production
  • Organisational solutions
  • Continuous improvement in action

Operational advice

The tour lasts one day.
The participation fee includes coffee breaks and a business lunch, but it does not include travel and stay.
On request, we will provide useful information for the autonomous organisation of the trip and the list of participating hotels.
The Festo Technology Plant in Scharnhausen is only 10 minutes from the Stuttgart airport.

The Lean Factory 4.0 Executive tour can also be arranged for groups from a single company, by creating a customized tour program.



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