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Seminario - LO 320 EN

Kanban for Knowledge workers

  • If you need to organize a delivery team according to priorities and focus;
  • If you need to identify issues in your processes and figure out how to handle them;
  • If you need to make delivery dates more predictable;
  • If you want to manage more accountability for risk at the team level.

Who is this workshop for

  • Project Manager;
  • Scrum Master;
  • R&D managers who manage projects with high innovative and technological content;
  • Business unit and process owner managers;
  • Managers of companies that have ongoing programs to extend the Agile methodology and want to ensure adequate professional figures;
  • The realities that are not satisfied with the performance of the Project Management systems currently in use.

Training objectives of the workshop

  • A lightweight framework to manage complexity in a knowledge-based work environment
  • An incremental, evolutionary and changing approach to processes and systems for organizations
  • The application of the agile and lean approach within office contexts
  • Balancing customer demand and business capabilities
  • Reduce waste and non-value activities during project management
  • Reduce time to market by reducing incoming changes
  • Continuous improvement and risk management through feedback loops

Workshop topics

  • Kanban principles, practices, policies
  • Kanban approach: easy to introduce in existing contexts
  • How to build your own Kanban framework
  • Metrics and Graphs to check health status of the system
  • Cost of delay and risk management
  • Examples of real cases

You will experience

  • Simulations and exercises about start up a project with kanban
  • Case histories analysis



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